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Credit Challenged

We can help expand the availability of home finance to borrowers with past credit problems. These loans used to be referred to as Subprime loans. Subprime lenders graded a borrower's credit history on the basis of recent late payments, bankruptcies and/or other credit problems. The terms of the loans they offered were based on the borrower's credit grade: the lower the grade, the higher the rate and the lower the maximum loan-to-value.

Although these loan programs were sometimes referred to as "bad credit loans" within the mortgage industry, we prefer "credit-challenged" or "less-than-perfect credit" because we understand how easily unexpected difficulties can overwhelm even the most financially responsible people. Over the years, we have helped many borrowers with past credit problems get the financing they need to buy a home and start rebuilding their credit.

Although subprime loans are now almost a thing of the past, there are still ways to help credit challenged borrowers “re-establish good credit so they can enjoy the financial benefits. If you are having difficulty getting a home loan because of past credit problems, contact me. We will be happy to review your credit history and discuss your home finance options with you.

For help with a credit challenged loan, submit a short online application, or call us at 954-572-2930 x1.

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